Chennai Express- Mahindra

In 2013, we did an in film branding of Mahindra with Chennai Express. It was the first time Mahindra officially sponsored a Bollywood film. With SRK driving a Mahindra Thar himself, it showed the brand to be as big a character as anything!


Mahindra has been one of the most dependable automobile manufacturer companies in India. But as new market players have penetrated over the last few years, it has led to enormous competition. The brand then needed a breakthrough after being a brand synonymous with Rohit Shetty movies and even more so post Singham. It had already redefined how cars can actually take the place as big as a character in the film and it was the right time then to get into the act in the Shahrukh Khan starrer Chennai Express. This was the first time Mahindra officially sponsored a Bollywood film.


Shahrukh Khan was seen driving a Mahindra Thar which led to a grand promotion at a comparatively lesser cost. It was a great in-film branding undertaken to make the brand a star too!

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