Our Expertise


We believe in the power of entertainment and it's ability to seamlessly communicate your brand's messaging.


Sports Sponsorship & Branding

In this ever growing sports industry, we give your brand the visibility it requires to stand out. Get the viewers to watch out for your brand as interestingly as the sport itself! Grab the ground branding opportunities like perimeter boards, boundary ropes, sight screens, in-stadia advertising for sports involved in India.


In-film branding & co-branding

Understand that films become one of the biggest powerhouses of attraction and form an integral part of life. And so we get the best in- film branding solutions that will create a lasting brand recall that resonates in the minds of the viewers. Get associate marketing opportunities with leading Hollywood, Bollywood, South, Bhojpuri and Marathi movies.


Media Planning & Buying

In addition to making the associations happen between films and brands, we also help brands to further maximize their investments by using various media elements to promote the same. Entertainment media is generally cheaper as compared to regular promotional ones which allows brands associating with movies utilize these special rates to further extend their reach and the media effectiveness goals.


Sports Entertainment & Management

Change the way you watch sports when we bring a sporting experience that's powerpacked with supercool entertainment and kickass management solutions. Get entertained by cheer-leaders and other ingame entertainment activities and events.


Brand activation

New in the market? Well don't be petrified as we have the best launchpad and solutions for your products. Start getting acknowledged right from day 1! Also for activation get opportunities with leading Cinemas and multiplexes.


Digital Marketing

We design Digital marketing strategies that go beyond the social media and ensure entire digital presence. We help you leverage your brand with the power and reach of the internet. Connect with your audience better than ever before. Get real and near real time uploads and updates, get engagement with your fans through cool contests, and maximize your connection with the audience.

The process
  • Listen

    Every client has a unique need for a unique set of target audiences. The first step of Entertainification is to ensure we know who are we talking to.

  • Offer

    Next comes figuring out the platform that best fits the client's requirements and the kind of integration required to best communicate with the TG.

  • Execute

    The execution of an Entertainification plan has multiple layers which means that if not managed well, it will not be seamless, or worse, it will be completely missed. We ensure our involvement across all these layers ensuring a smooth execution of any plan and therefore exceeding expectations.

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