Shivaay- Montex

In the 2016 thriller - Shivaay starring Ajay Devgn, we did an in-film branding of Montex pens. Shivaay's daughter is using Montex pens during schooling days. The entire digital marketing solutions to Montex were also given by us.


Montex is one of the oldest pen manufacturing brands in India and has been instrumental in the schooling life of millions of Indian students. However, the brand didn't gather the presence it should have had over the years and needed to use a different promotional strategy. So, we did a perfect in-film branding of Montex pens in the 2016, Ajay Devgn thriller - Shivaay.


In the movie, Shivaay has a 10 years old daughter who uses Montex pens to write. The brand has also launched special edition Shivaay pens to further leverage the film through merchandising. We also gave digital marketing solutions to Montex pens by managing their social media pages.

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