Entertainment solutions to "Extraaa Innings T20"

USA is considered as the hub of cheerleading which is also a profession. The quality of cheerleading there is unmatched as they have the talent and experience across many popular sporting tournaments like NHL, NFL, NBA, etc. It has given the world the best sporting entertainment and changed sports viewership experience completely. Even though cheerleading had been a regular practice for a developed sports economy like USA, it was totally unusual and new for India. The glamorous Indian Premier League was the best platform to introduce the concept of cheerleading and we gave the nation just the right thing it needed. We also added more excitement by giving entertainment solutions to the tournament.

Over the past 5 years we have been providing entertainment solutions to Extra Innings T20- the official SET MAX packaging show for Indian Premier League. We got the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders to come to India and perform at the SET MAX studio for the entire IPL 2012 season. In the year 2013 we handled the entire entertainment bouquet for "Extraaa Innings T20" by getting New York Giants Gotham City Cheerleaders to the studio and we also managing the entire music of the show with our DJ Rink and percussionist Joshua. We got the Orlando Magic NBA Cheerleaders to come to India and perform at the SET MAX studio for the entire IPL 2014 season. For entire IPL 2015 season, we handled the entire entertainment bouquet for SET MAX IPL packaging show by getting the MASL team “Ladies of Ontario Fury” Cheerleaders to perform at the SET MAX studio and also handling the music of the show with Joshua Vaz, DJ L’il B and Anisa Butt. It has been one heck of an entertaining journey for us as well as the viewers of one of the most extravagant sports packaging show- Extraaa Innings T20; that has stolen the flamboyance of sports entertainment. The cricket lovers have a unique experience with NBA cheerleaders in IPL which also has generated huge media buzz. With a great success to the show we vouch to continue our fascinating journey.

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