Dear Zindagi - Unibic

Dear Zindagi was a young, slice of life film that was extremely identifiable for today's youth. Unibic associated with the film to run an interesting co-branded contest with the winners getting a chance to meet the cast. They also used the film to create a lot of Digital content for the release period which transpired into an increase of online engagement by 2.5 times during the entire month.


Unibic's communication has always been focussed towards the city based younger audiences, which worked wonderfully well with Dear Zindagi, who were also vying the same core TG. Alia is already a youth icon and SRK being the biggest Bollywood star ever ensured that this association would leave a positive impact on everyone.


The brand ran a digital campaign with a series of creatives using situations from the film and offering Unibic Cookies as the solution to all problems. Additionally, they also used a behind the scenes video showcasing the cast and crew consuming Unibic Cookies while shooting the film. This further reinforced the brand message and gave the brand a more integrated feel with the film.

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