CSK- Tiger Balm

We did a sponsorship deal of Tiger Balm with Chennai Super Kings in 2010. The brand got a one day shooting opportunity with players in addition to match tickets and meet and greet for dealers and distributors.


Even though Tiger Balm was one of the oldest and most respected brands in the country, in 2010 it was languishing much below some of its much younger competetiors. Chennai Super Kings until 2010 were a great side even though they had not won the tournament yet. Featuring the Indian captain and some of the best young talent, it was a team that looked set to break the jinx and take the league by storm, which they eventually did.


Tiger balm got a day of shoot with players for a specially crafted TV commercial and print campaign. These were used to garner eyeballs across various mass media elements for an entire year. Additionally, a special meet and greet event was organised for the brand's dealers, distributors and contest winners which helped in providing a needed help in sales push.

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