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The story of us.

Our story itself is as filmy as our work. We met each other on a rainy day sharing an auto and ended up being great friends and subsequently business partners within a couple of years. Its been 7 years since then and we have done almost everything we wanted to when we started – worked with the biggest stars around, involved with some of the most successful films, closely associated with IPL throughout and most of all - working on our own terms. And that is what differentiates us from everyone else. In this business where most people work with what they get, we have been consciously careful enough to pick and choose the projects and properties we truly believe in and want to work with. It allows us to dedicate ourselves completely to a cause and gives a sense of belonging with the work we do. And that is the best and the most important part of our short but eventful story.

What we do

We deliver on our promises. Regardless of what we work together on, be it a movie, a sporting event or anything else. The one thing you can count on is what we promise, WE WILL DELIVER.

Why we do it

Because setting the right expectations and then trumping them is the only way to win genuine, long term trust.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

- Ernest Hemingway
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Meet our talented team of creatives, fun-lovers and magic makers

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